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Exclusive Online Interview with @Kingpally (Rapper/Singer) || @Smartslimhub @Kingpally

Welcome on board @kingpally. We are glad to have you around but before we move to the deal of the day, we will love to know your full name which i know most of your fans out there don’t know

Ok bro My name is Derrick Ocholi Samuel

Ok , Derrick Ocholi Samuel Now that we know your name can you tell us a little about ur biography?

Well, I was born and brought up in jos.

Dad is from Kogi State while Mum is from Plateau State. Confirm Jos Boy, lol.

I attended Kids Joy Primary School then moved to Glorious Child Academy (Primary School) and then went to baptist high school Kagu, but left and finished at Victory Academy, Jos.

Presently a final year student under the department of religion and philosophy, University of jos, Nigeria.

Thats really cool getting to know you are already a final year student.


Ok lets move.


As a child growing up, What did you want to become (ambition before you fell in love with the mic)?

Umm well, Like most kids growing up, i wanted to be a soldier.. lol

and then a footballer at some point but then i fell in love with Music


Wow a Soldier? that’s quite intresting, Really awesome
Ok, lets move  on.
What Inspired the Name “Kingpally”?


well, my elder brother started calling calling me pally when i was 3.

So when i started putting music, Some friends started calling me Kingpally

I must say You’ve got a great Nick/stage name there, I mean its really cool.
Ok, this is a big one.
You Recently dropped single “Tampol” is still banging, getting airplay and much attention out there. what inspired that single? Great song i must say.



Umm well, MrKleb called me and said i should come him at home, I did. He played the beat and mehn!!

i fell in love with beat immediately.

then i started writing and then we recorded immediately.

funny enough, the song was recorded last year.

Thanks alot tho, help spread the vibe


Wow…. your style is supreme and the Jam is a hit indeed.Ok we are almost doneSo tell us, What where the challenge you face getting to where you are now?

Ummmm, well Challenges

The Journey has been challenging But thats actually cool, it means there is progress


Yeah… You are right!
Ok, we are coming to the bottom of this. Only but few question to go.
You’re great with rapping in English, your deliveries are on point, whats your driving force? What pushes you to do what you know how to do best?


Thanks alot bro.

Well, passion drives me.

I mean i love music so much.

so the love i got for music pushes me to do what i do.

I sing too tho, am not just a rapper.

Woow…. thats really great, Nice OneYour fan base is mad, will you say your fans are showing you much love that you so much deserve?

All thanks to God bro

I feel i deserve it bro

I know the work i have been putting in the whole stuff though it ain’t all about that.

I know the kind of prayer wey i dey pray to God to help my fan base too 🙂

So all thanks to God and the fans last last

I need more from them though

Lets keep pushing and supporting the brand

Most Definately! i know Your fans Got your back.So;What Hit should we be expecting from kingpally soon?



Alot Fam 

I really dont know what’s coming next mehn

Anything mehn

Been working on alot, so expect anything mehn.

Haha… Alright our fingers are crossed.Finally.Any word of encouragement and advice to your fans out there?


To my Fans, I love y’all, thanks for the love and support.

Please always pray for me and don’t stop supporting

and don’t do drugs.

Bless Up.

Lastly the trivia, what gets you angry easily?



Haha…. cooool

Thanks for having you @Kingpally hope to do this again some other timeBless!



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  1. Daniel Afan

    2 years ago

    I find this interview quite inspiring, great sense of professionalism in your music, I believe if you keep this up you will have a great shot out there. #BlessUp
    To the blogger, interesting questions, make me want to be a celebrity lol. keep up the good work Smartslim


  2. noel x

    2 years ago

    Yo! Blessup…


  3. Lumidy

    2 years ago

    Nice one ,keep it up 👍


  4. Gideon

    2 years ago

    Wow this really amazing
    I love this and love to see more of this
    Checkout my website dear, I also have something [email protected]


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