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Watch Mary Chirwa Video DEC Zambia Video Viral Trends On Twitter, YouTube, Instagram (Download)

Watch Mary Chirwa Video DEC Zambia Video Viral Trends On Twitter, Reddit, Instagram

A woman who appears in some steamy movies that also contain explicit content has been identified as Mary Chirwa, who is believed to be the Director General of the Drug Enforcement Commission.

The recordings show a woman in a room playing with her genitalia, and the woman’s appearance is strikingly similar to that of Mrs. Chirwa. It is not clear when the videos were recorded or when they were first made available.

The films are currently making the rounds on a number of WhatsApp sites, and a number of writers have expressed their displeasure at her behavior. Others have already called for her resignation to take effect immediately and demanded that President Hakainde Hichilema fire her from her position.

When we tried to get in touch with Ms. Chirwa, her phone was turned off, and she did not reply to our messages asking for a remark. At the time this article was published, Mathias Kamanga, the DEC Spokesperson, could not be reached by phone.

Mary Chirwa Video DEC Zambia Video Viral

In the meantime, it has been revealed that Chellah Tukuta, a photographer working for the State House, is the key figure in the Mary Chirwa sex tape incident.

It has been revealed, according to sources within Ms. Chirwa’s family, that the photographs were shared by Tukuta.

Mary Chirwa Video DEC Zambia Video Viral

According to the source, Ms. Chirwa and Tukuta have been having a sexual relationship for some time now and have accused the State House photographer of exposing the nude photos following a disagreement caused by the revelation that the DEC Director General was seeing another man. The source also said that the photographer exposed the photos.

According to the sources, Tukuta spent a lot of time at Ms. Chirwa’s house, including spending the night there frequently.

“Chellah was always there (at Ms. Chirwa’s residence, and he would order the maid around, asking that she prepare certain dishes for him on the occasions when he slept over. “Everyone knew about it but me,” the insider added.

According to the second source, “they argued not too long ago after Chellah discovered that Mary was cheating on him with another man.” Everyone in the family is aware of what happened, but it is sad that Chellah was able to behave in such a way against her.

When questioned about the veracity of the films, the source stated unequivocally that the DEC Director General could be seen in each of the videos.

“We are familiar with the interior of that bedroom, including the furniture and other items that can be found there. According to the insider, she is the one who has veered off track.

An attempt was made to obtain a comment. Tukuta’s attempts were likewise fruitless because his cell phone was turned off.

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