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Safiya Yusuf Leaked Video Goes Viral On Twitter, Reddit, Facebook (Download)

Safiya Yusuf Leaked Viral Video Trends On Twitter Download

Safiya revealed that the three months that followed the disclosure of her video were the most depressing of her life in an exclusive interview with BBC Hausa. The conversation was conducted in Hausa. This information came from a report that was made by BBC pidgin. She stated that when she eventually worked up the courage to go out in public, she was verbally abused by a number of people and even had stones thrown at her by one man. She said this happened when she finally worked up the courage to go out. She went on to explain that she would never be able to repay her whole family for the support and encouragement they gave her while she was going through that difficult period in her life, but she will always be thankful to them.

In a recent interview with BBC Hausa, Safiyya said she did not release the n*de video herself, and accused her friends and associates who have access to her phone of leaking the video.

Speaking on her ordeal, Safiyya, who was suspended from a popular Arewa24 movie series, said she was stoned by an aggrieved person after the video leaked and she was also subjected to cyberattacks, and had to stay indoors for three months.

She said, “70 per cent of ladies nowadays have such types of videos on their phones. It is just done for fun, not to go on social media and many ladies do that. I can’t specifically say the person that released the video, but all I know is that it must be one of my friends and associates that take my phone because I give them my phone.

“I was deeply shocked when I saw the video and how it went viral all over the world. In fact, when I received the news I could not stand on my feet. I experienced a lot of challenges, people were mocking me. There was a time that someone even stoned me, all because of that video. I had to spend three months indoors without going near the gate of our house.”

The actress further revealed that she almost deactivated her social media accounts after she was heavily criticized online but was dissuaded by her family.


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