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Teacher and Student Para SA Grades Viral Video

This video went viral on social media and spark the discussion about the role of teachers in shaping the lives of the student and the need for compassion and empathy in education. This video has left social media users amazed and they are showing their interest in this viral video. People are using “The Para SA Grades Viral Video” in order to obtain the link to it. The video features a student and a teacher having a chat about the grades of students. The video starts with the teacher asking pupils why he got failed their recent examination.

In this reply, the student accepts that he did not study hard enough and that is why he got poor grades on his examination. Though what sets this conversation apart is the response of the teacher. Instead of berating and scolding the pupil, the educator takes a sympathetic approach. She calmly talk to the student and remained him that his grades do not define him and it means that he has the potential to get better marks in the next examination. She even told him to study hard and motivates the pupil to aim for his strengths as well as asked him to work on his weakness.

After hearing the satisfying words of the teacher, the student thanked her and promise to work harder in the future. People loved and appreciated the approach of the teacher toward her student. This video has gotten a lot of positive feedback from the side of social media users. Several people have praised the approach of the teacher, calling her a role model and inspiration for other teachers as well. However, there are some people who criticized the teacher and argued that her words set a low bar for academic performance and her approach is too soft on the pupil. Though the supporters of the video state that the approach of the teacher is not about lowering expectations but about aiding the pupil to realize his strength and potential.

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