Doug Kazé

Doug Kazé
Doug Kazé


Douglas Eric Doug, Popularly known and addressed as Doug Kazé is a Nigerian Afrofolk/Afrosoul singer & songwriter. He was born and raised in the North Central Nigerian city of Jos, where he grew up exploring songwriting in different genres.

His early musical interest was mainly Hip-Hop and R&B when he was a teenager in the 1990s. After a journey across genres, Doug founded and worked with the Jos-based rock band, Trybe of the Sealed, for about ten years. During these years, Doug focused more on writing and performing songs in the rock genre, while also exploring fusion possibilities with sounds from his indigenous Plateau and northern Nigerian sounds.


  1. BRAVE (2020)
  2. Paradigm Shift (2016)
  3. Doug Kazé (2014)

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