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Why “She Was Nice” Is Trending On Boys WhatsApp Status

There has been a numerous repost of the text “She Was Nice” on boys status this evening and people are wondering why the sudden trend.

This trend started by 10:30pm and still trending on status. Here we will explain to you the reason why “She Was Nice” is trending.

Reasons Why “She Was Nice” Is Trending On Boys Status

The reason why “She Was Nice” is trending all over the boys status on WhatsApp and Twitter is because to they want to fool the girls. There is no big deal about this as it is created by one person and was shared amongst all the boys to stir online trend tonight.

question people ask:

Why Is Everyone posting she was nice?

Why is she was nice on status?

What is she was nice about?

According to our source, it was gotten from a video made after a guy had intercourse with a lady. The knack video stirred up the trend “She Was Nice”. We will only allow you to download the video below.

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