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Phora – The Butterfly Effect Album

Phora – The Butterfly Effect Album
Phora – The Butterfly Effect Album

Phora – The Butterfly Effect Album  Zip File & Mp3 Download Audio

Amazing singer and songwriter, Phora has released a brand new project titled “Butterfly Effect Album”.

The album’s title, “The Butterfly Effect,” is a reference to the concept in chaos theory that a small change in one part of a system can lead to large and unpredictable changes in another part of the system. In the context of the album, Phora explores how his own life experiences have shaped him and affected those around him.

Overall, “The Butterfly Effect” is a strong addition to Phora’s discography and showcases his growth as an artist.

Check tracklist below, Download Phora – The Butterfly Effect Album & Enjoy!

  1. All Falls Down
  2. Soul Ties (feat. Skye)
  3. Dangerous
  4. Habitual Pain (feat. Garren)
  5. Fall For You
  6. The Art of Healing
  7. June 6th
  8. Euphoria
  9. Everything I Never Said
  10. Sunset Drive (feat. Skye)
  11. Late At Night
  12. Letter To My Unborn
  13. Find Hope

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