Solomon Lange – Na Gode Album

Solomon Lange – Na Gode Album
Solomon Lange – Na Gode Album
  • Album Name: Na Gode
  • Artist: Solomon Lange
  • Genre: Gospel
  • Released: 2014

Solomon Lange – Na Gode Mp3 Download Audio

Solomon Lange, an amazing Gospel music star, graces us with his soul-stirring album titled “Na Gode.” This collection of songs takes listeners on a heartfelt journey of faith, gratitude, and a deep connection with God. From the powerful opening track to the stirring conclusion, each song carries a unique message and showcases Solomon Lange’s exceptional talent.

The album begins with “I Believe in Dreams,” a powerful and inspirational anthem that encourages listeners to hold on to their dreams and trust in God’s plan. The uplifting melodies, combined with Solomon Lange’s heartfelt vocals, create an atmosphere of hope and encouragement.

As the album progresses, we encounter tracks like “Albarku” and “Calling Ma Name” that beautifully capture the essence of worship. These songs invite listeners to pour out their hearts in adoration and surrender to God’s love and mercy. The heartfelt lyrics and the sincerity in Solomon Lange’s voice create a powerful connection with the divine.

Throughout the album, Solomon Lange’s incredible vocal range and emotional delivery shine through, showcasing his deep passion for sharing the Gospel through music. Tracks like “Masoyina” and “Finally in Love” carry messages of love and devotion, while “So Good” and “I Believe” uplift spirits and reinforce the message of God’s unfailing love and goodness.

The album concludes with “Na Gode, Pt. 2,” a powerful continuation of the gratitude expressed in the titular track. This song serves as a reminder of the unchanging nature of God’s love and faithfulness, leaving listeners with a sense of awe and reverence.

Check tracklist below, Download Solomon Lange – Na Gode Album and Enjoy!

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  1. I Believe in Dreams
  2. Albarku
  3. Calling Ma Name
  4. Na Gode
  5. Masoyina
  6. Finally in Love
  7. So Good
  8. I Believe
  9. Na Gode, Pt. 2

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